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Photogrpahy Safaris

Raw, exotic sceneries Photographer’s paradise

Kenya Photography Safaris“Photography” and “travel to Africa” are two activities that are inextricably linked together due to the stunning visual locations available, the magical African light and the variety of superb subjects to capture on film. As a specialist operator to Kenya for over 10 years we have been asked more and more for opportunities for clients who are both knowledgeable and those that are new to photography if there are any trips we offer that are more specialised and include help with the use of the equipment as well as guides who are versed in photography.

Fortunately, as one of the most prolifically filmed and photographed countries in Africa, with the long running presence of the BBC and the Big Cat Diaries, there are plenty of great opportunities for photographers in Kenya. Below we have discussed a few of the best ways to make the most of your trip!


A Private Vehicle For Limited Periods

Definitely one of the preferred options for many of our clients is simply to pay a supplement to have your own vehicle and driver for a few of the days of your safari itinerary.


Many of the properties throughout Kenya have this as an option these days with the approximate cost running to around the U per day mark. Many of the guides are keen photographers themselves and so, while this is definitely for the more experienced photographer, they can offer help with positioning, apertures and other tips on photographer out here.

Photography Lodge

More and more of the properties in Africa are recognizing the need to help photographers with the restrictive luggage allowances and the specialist equipment that is required for photography in Africa and so a few of them now offers things like specialist vehicles and even free use of long range photography lenses as part of their rates. This can, obviously, be a very big draw in your decision as to where to stay.

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